Home Energy Savers

Unbiased home energy audits
Richmond metro area



Home Energy savers owner, Tom Coburn, has been diagnosing homes since 1997 in the Richmond, Virginia area.  Our examination includes a blower door test, a forced air duct test, an infrared scan (temperature permitting), a Delta T test on the A/C-heat pump units.  We take the time to explain to the homeowner what we are doing and why.  Our firm gives the homeowner the knowledge and information to improve comfort and utility bill savings on the basis of shortest return on investment.  We are one of the few firms that will explain how the homeowner, himself, can perform cost effective improvements.  All of our clients receive a written review of the audit which will include a contractor/product page.  The homeowner can now procure competitive bids for the needed improvements.


  • 4808 Snowmass Road, Glen Allen, VA, USA